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OUR WORK: Custom Workshop Designs


Lunch Lessons LLC will design a workshop experience to the clients' desired goals. Lunch Lessons brings together partner consultants with expertise in school food finance, culinary training, customer service, school district administration, and marketing dependent upon the workshop audience and needs.


Examples of workshop focus areas:


Understanding Where We Are to Target Where We Want to Go! - Self-Assessment and Strategic Planning: Taking a critical look at our departments in effort to plan on-going strategic growth is something we don't always take the time to do. In this workshop participants will engage in identifying strengths, growth needs and realistic goals for system change through analyzing finance, procurement, menu, customer service, marketing and their broader relationships to the school district community; parents, administrators, teachers and others. The workshop establishes a core foundation for designing strategic plans that will be realistic guideposts for development.



Culinary Boot Camps – From Boxes to Cutting Boards: Key to change is bringing comfort to the food service teams by helping them segue their passion into efficiencies in the kitchen. From Flavor Dynamics to basic knife skills – everything can be covered in these workshops; kitchen math, product ID, receiving and storage; bulk batch cooking; menu design and procurement; utilization of USDA foods in cost controls of scratch cooking. The topics are endless and will be customized to group size and facility limitations.



Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools – The How-To: This workshop addresses how to overcome the barriers of implementing a salad bar program as part of the reimbursable meal. The workshop will address; standard operation procedures, staff training, menu development, recipes, production records, school and community support, and student engagement activities.


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